Visiting Program (VSP)

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Period of Classes

1. Spring / Fall Semester
Spring semester : Beginning of March ~ Around June 20
Fall semester : Beginning of September ~ Around December 20

2. Summer / Winter Semester
Summer semester : 3 ~ 5 weeks from around June 20
Winter semester : 3 ~ 5 weeks from Around December 20


School of Humanities and International Cultures/Social Sciences/Integrated knowledge/Media, Arts, and Science/Natural Sciences/Engineering/Economics/Business/Communication: 5,000,000 KRW
1. Payment period: Students will be asked to pay tuition fee in announcement of acceptance and the ‘Certificate of Acceptance’ will be issued only for whom paid in full.
2. Payment method: Bank(ATM) Transfer in Korean Won
3. If applicant does not pay the tuition within the deadline, registered courses will automatically be cancelled.
  • Details will be sent out to applicants by email.


1. Courses which have less than 15 students enrolled may be cancelled.
2. To add / change courses, student should receive approval from the professor of the course on the course change form, and submit the form to Office of International Affairs.
3. To drop courses after the semester starts, the student should fill out the course drop form and submit to OIA. Student can collect the form from OIA.
4. If absences exceed 1/8 of the total course hours, the grade for the course becomes an FA
  • If you have any queries regarding Study Abroad Program, please contact us at