International Affiliations

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As established by the Society of Jesus to provide education based on Catholic beliefs, Sogang University is a member of several international affiliations.


  • The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) is a national organization that represents Jesuit higher education among its various constituencies; provides a forum for the exchange of information and experiences in Jesuit higher education; and encourages and facilitates collaborative initiatives among its member institutions. Those initiatives include: fostering Jesuit, Catholic identity and mission; educating for a faith that does justice; supporting national, international and online collaborations between campuses; and sponsoring professional and leadership development programs.
    The AJCU is the successor to the Commission on Colleges and Universities of the Jesuit Educational Association (JEA), which since 1936 had served as the umbrella organization for both Jesuit secondary and postsecondary education. Rev. Edward Rooney, S.J. served as Executive Director of JEA from 1937-1966. Rev. Paul Reinert, S.J. succeeded Fr. Rooney as JEA president from 1966-1970.
In 1970, AJCU became its own national organization with the following purposes: 1) Continued study of new educational problems in the light of Jesuit policy and practice, 2) Continued effort to improve educational effectiveness of Jesuit colleges and universities, 3) Effective promotion of inter-institutional cooperation, especially among Jesuit institutions, 4) A unified influence in national organizations, programs and developments, 5) Effective assistance in participating in Federal and other national programs supporting research and educational projects, 6) Effective dissemination to member institutions of important information, and 7) To be a forum for exchange of experiences and information.


  • The AJCU-AP (Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities in Asia Pacific) is a voluntary association of Jesuit higher educational institutions (HEIs) and Jesuit higher educational endeavors (HEEs) functioning within the territory the Jesuit Conference for Asia Pacific (JCAP).
    AJCU-AP supports and promotes Jesuit higher education in Asia-Pacific region. It provides the structure for the higher educational apostolate of the JCAP. It is organized to promote friendship in service and leadership, to share discernment in mission, to facilitate cooperation and service, to develop the appropriate “Jesuit” brand of higher education, to engage in strategic planning, projects and programs for the higher educational apostolate in southeast Asia and Oceania, and so in higher education to propagate the faith, promote justice, appreciate culture, and engage in inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue. It is a forum for the ongoing exchange of experience, information and expertise among members. It networks both among Jesuit HEIs and HEEs and beyond, serving as liaison with the Jesuit General, the Jesuit Educational Secretariat, the Provincials, and other associations of Jesuit and non-Jesuit higher education.